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Position(s) Available:  Certified & Registered ServSafe® Instructor/Proctor


This is as an independent contractor position and is compensated by student per class as well as sessions are scheduled according to instructor/trainer availability. The Instructor & Proctor must have a friendly personality and be able to relate to the topics in training allowing them to address all questions or concerns during training sessions.


  • You must be able to schedule 2 to 4 Instructor-Led Course & Exam sessions every four weeks and be able to travel between class locations.


Qualifications: All requirements must be met to inquire.

  • Have a current ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certificate.

  • Must meet be a Certified ServSafe® Instructors and Registered ServSafe® Proctor be in good standing.

  • Must have a current City of Chicago Instructor Certificate. (Illinois positions only)

  • Conducted a minimum of 2 to 4 sessions within a 6 week timeframe. Each session must hold 3 or more students.

  • Must be willing to perform outreach and recruit clients for sessions.

  • Have a high school diploma/GED or advanced education (College).

  • Be willing to be approved or certified in all programs that DSOD Food Professionals represent.

  • Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft® Office and Google® GSuite Cloud products.




Depending on the program and the type of training instructor/trainers can earn approximately $150 - $1400 or more per Instructor-Led Course & Exam. Earning potential is based on the number of people attending the session and the location where the class is being held (if testing applies).


Submit an inquiry for consideration to become a Certified & Registered Instructor & Proctor with DSODFP :

  • Resume/CV

  • A copy of your ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certificate.

  • Approved ServSafe® Instructor & Proctor Certificate or approval letter.

  • Must be willing to sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement (Click the link to download) prior to webcam interview.

  • Authorize DSOD Food Professionals to verify current status (Click the link to download) as ServSafe® Instructor & Proctor.

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