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Train at your own pace!


Step #1:


Order your activity workbook for the course by clicking here.



Step #2:


Begin the module videos by clicking here.

Step #3:


Complete the module in the activity workbook. This workbook is required to be fully completed in full and turned in at testing. Uncompleted activity workbooks will result in a rescheduled testing date.

Total Training Cost



This training consist of 10 module videos. Each module video is $15.99 and you may purchase them at your own speed. All fees associated with the course are nonrefundable an nontransferable.


Upon completion call our office to schedule a time to participate in a proctored exam session. You must bring the completed activity workbook as proof that each module has been fully watched. Videos may not be shared and proof of sign-up/payments will be required per examinee.